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What I Learnt About 'Self Love' Over The Last Decade

What i learnt-min

I’ve had times over the past 10 years when I’ve learnt about Self Love, the HARD WAY!

Ooo!! Yeah!!

I’ve been through times when I was mentally, spiritually and physically burnt out AND emotionally drained!

Does this sound familiar to you?

My most recent experience was late in 2019 when my body eventually screamed at me to STOP!!


I ended up spending a couple of weeks on the lounge, barely functioning! Hahaha!

I can laugh about it now BUT not back then!

Woah! It was incredibly uncomf…

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Are You On The Right Path?

Right Path-min

A question I'm often asked by my clients is...

Am I on the right path?

Knowing if you're on the right path can certainly come with challenges!

Why I hear you ask?

Sometimes things are not as they seem!

Are you feeling -

  • really uncomfortable
  • unsure what the next step is; or
  • a little overwhelmed

Maybe you're -

  • being influenced by others
  • ignoring the signs (red flags) that are popping up along the way; or
  • completely unaware of where you are even at in your life because you’re too …

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A Checklist for Easily and Effortlessly Living Mindfully


I’ve discovered that the ripple effects that come with living #mindfully are truly inspiring! Living mindfully helps you to enjoy better relationships, be healthier, happier AND more #successful.

Mindfulness really can be easy, simple and fun!

Here’s a Checklist to help you easily and effortlessly live mindfully.

Meditate – Even one conscious breath can be a meditation. Just in this moment, inhale a gentle breath…and as you exhale, relax your shoulders and allow yourself to simply ‘BE’.


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What is Mindfulness?


When I think of Mindfulness, I think of inhaling a gentle breath, the breeze in my hair, the sound of birds tweeting AND the smell of oranges!

Yes, oranges!

Cos oranges make me smile, my mouth water and the smell also triggers beautifully fresh, happy and vibrant thoughts in my mind which then brings me back to the present moment.

What’s the first thought that pops into your mind when you think of something that makes YOU smile and inspires happy thoughts?

In keeping Mindfulness easy, simple…

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The Top 3 Take-Aways I Discovered from Gifting Jimmy Barnes a Copy of My Book

Jimmy Barnes-min

In October 2017, Jimmy Barnes graciously accepted the very first autographed copy of my book ‘Hidden Secrets of Self Healing’.

It had been a long and challenging journey getting to this point. For me, writing the book was no easy task!

It was 2 weeks prior to my own Book Launch and #JimmyBarnes was touring Australia sharing Book Signing events.

On the morning Jimmy was due to be at Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast, I sensed a gentle whisper in …

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