The 7 Top Habits of Happy and Successful People

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What’s your go-to response when you’re feeling super excited about life AND then someone shoots down your hopes and dreams with one unkind comment?

Do you crumble?


Does it inspire you to confidently follow your heart and continue to shine brightly?

Here’s why I mention it…

I was recently working with Julia, who is a Life Coach and she was feeling confused, hurt and completely disillusioned.

Julia is an incredibly intuitive, funny and wise soul who also identifies herself as a Plus Size woman.

If you know me well, you'll also know that in my eyes a person’s size has no relevance to their awesomeness although there’s a significant reason why I shared that detail.

What was the significance?

Earlier this year Julia was filled with excitement as she was planning a new program for her clients and she mentioned her idea to her sister who said, ‘You can’t help people feel good about themselves when you’re overweight yourself’.

Julia was absolutely floored!

She was devastated!

Her happiness and confidence was completely zapped!

Unfortunately, Julia permitted her boundaries to be crossed because she allowed her sister’s limiting beliefs to affect how she was feeling and subsequently stop the momentum of her success.

The funny thing is that it all made sense to me, because if we’re being really honest here, we all know this feeling!

That feeling when somebody 'challenges' your dreams and you feel as though the rug has been pulled from beneath you!

Yep! Been there and done that!

Once too often!


Which leads me to...

7 Top Habits of Happy and Successful People

Julia's story inspired me to share with you these top habits of happy and successful people so that you can avoid the 'oops-a-daisy' moments you've experienced in the past…

AND ensure you stay on track for achieving your dreams, no matter what others say, even if in the past their comments may have previously hindered your progress.

1. Be Optimistic

Stay focused on the positives, no matter what! It’s true that even the happiest and most successful people on the planet have ‘challenges’ arise and yet they remain optimistic. Actually, happy people see ‘problems’ as ‘challenges’. The word problem is nowhere in their vocabulary. Their focus remains on the solutions to the challenges and they take time to reflect on their experiences to help them learn and grow.

2. Gratitude

Research proves that living with an attitude of gratitude creates a hub of happiness and success within your life. When you sprinkle gratitude throughout your day it helps to lift your mood, boost energy levels and you experience beautiful moments of deep peace. Practice being grateful and your whole world begins to fill with colour, fun and happiness.

3. Dream BIG

The happiest of people dream BIG! They turn their dreams into achievable goal! They say ‘Yes’ to what leads them in the direction of their dreams! Focus, stepping outside their comfort zone, self-care and knowing that they may need to start again, are all key factors to happiness and success for them. Knowing that if you fall down 4 times, you need to get up 5 times!

4. Value Relationships

It’s suggested that most relationships and friendships can experience 'lulls' over time. Happy and successful people know that it takes conscious and positive action to keep relationships happy and healthy. They understand the importance of checking in, listening and being an active partner in the relationship. They know the value of being respectful, kind, loving and supportive with their loved ones. Being present in your relationships is the key to happy, healthy and successful connections.

5. Alone Time

Looking within, detaching from the ‘outside world’ and clearing your energy field is super dooper helpful to being happy and successful. Yes, our relationships and connection with others is important AND so is alone time. Gift your Self time to unpack your excuses, let go of the heaviness of the world and reconnect with your true essence. Go out into nature, connect with mother earth and feel her energy envelop you.

6. Meditation

The correlation between meditation, happiness and success has been proven to go hand in hand. If you believe that you could never ever meditate, I encourage you to think again! A meditation can be one conscious breath! AND if you have the time, follow that with a second, third and maybe a few more conscious breaths.

You can also enjoy a moving meditation which means even if you’re out walking, doing the dishes or in the shower, by simply bringing your attention to your breath AND your actions just in that moment, you are actually enjoying a powerful meditation.

Of course, I love, love, love guided meditations too, although knowing you can enjoy a meditation anywhere, anytime if you so wish, is incredibly liberating and peacefully promotes happiness and success.

7. Growth Mindset

When it comes to people, they generally fall into two categories, those with a fixed mindset and those with a growth mindset. People with a fixed mindset believe you are who you are and that is it! People with a growth mindset believe that the possibilities, options and opportunities for change, happiness and success are endless. Connect with other happy and successful people! Engage in meaningful conversations! Be open to change!

It’s no secret that there are key factors and habits that contribute enormously to the level of YOUR happiness and success!

Practice these 7 habits until they become a natural part of your everyday life and you'll never look back!


If you fall down 4 times, get up 5 times!!

Create strong and clear boundaries!

Dream BIG!!

Follow Your Heart!

Continue to Shine Brightly!




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