10 Signs it's Time to Book a Mentoring Session and 'Get Your Mojo BACK'!

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Are you feeling as though ‘Your Mojo just got up and left’?!

Do you even know what your Mojo is?

My meaning of Mojo…your magical essence, happiness, confidence and beautiful bright light that shines from within.

The feeling of losing your #Mojo can come on gradually OR it can hit you like a ton of bricks!

I’ve certainly known that feeling!

I’ve known darkness, I’ve experienced incredible fatigue, I’ve wanted to run away from my life and never come back, I’ve felt as though there are no options other than to accept ‘what is’ and believe that I just need to conform with society and blend in.

When I was younger, I stayed in jobs that drained my energy, I surrounded my Self with people who were on a completely different wavelength and I believed that the only choice was to get on with life and do my best with what I had.

I experienced ‘a few too many whammy’s’ before I learned that setting healthy boundaries, positive self-talk and being your own best friend were healthier options.

I’m so excited that I discovered the importance of staying connected to My Mojo AND knowing that I deserve to allow my light to shine brightly, live a life that I LOVE and enjoy creating experiences that light me up – a life that resonates with me and fills me with #happiness, #inspiration, #motivation and a knowing that anything is possible.

Here are 10 Signs that it’s time for you to book a Mentoring Session and 'Get Your Mojo Back'!

1. You are just going through the motions of each day. There’s no change, there’s no joy! Every day is like Groundhog Day. You’re repeating the same tasks day in and day out without thought, excitement or making any progress. You believe that there are no opportunities for it to be any different.

2. You feel as though you need to be there for everyone else and you harbour resentment toward them.

3. You constantly put your Self down with your self-talk. You call your Self derogatory names. You may be saying that you are hopeless, useless, stupid, an idiot, ugly, too fat, too old, no good or worthless?

4. You’re unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

5. Life’s hard! No matter how hard you try to make things better you feel as though you are being dragged feet first through a big muddy swamp.

6. You feel unloved, sad and lost.

7. You think that you need to keep trying to make things better and if they don’t improve you just need to try harder.

8. You know that your light within has dimmed or completely gone out and you no longer feel your feelings. Your emotions are like a flat-line on a heart monitor.

9. You have feelings of anger, irritation, frustration and loneliness.

10. You struggle from one day to the next with your worries, fears, doubts and lack of self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence draining you of energy.

It's never too late to 'Get Your Mojo Back'!

If you’re struggling, reach out via email leonie@leoniemcnamara.com if you’d like help to “Get Your Mojo Back’ and increase your #happiness! I answer all my emails personally.


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