The Easiest Way to Raise Your Vibration!

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Have you ever heard that ‘You Need to Raise Your Vibration’?

Raising your vibration is imperative for your health, well-being, success, spiritual growth and happiness.

Although, you may be wondering…

What is the No. 1 way to raise your vibration?


Can it really be ‘Easy Peasy’?

The answer is simple!

Do something that makes you HAPPY!!


You may have heard that you need to: -

· Meditate

· Soak in a warm bath with candles flickering amidst the beautiful scents of essential oils

· Surround yourself with high vibe people

· #Laugh

· Connect with nature

· Clear your energy field (aura)

· Ground yourself

· Set positive intentions

· Eat healthy fresh foods

· #Thinkpositivethoughts; or

· Practice self-love

And it's true!

ALL these choices, plus so many more, can help raise your #vibration!!

Yet THE most important thing is to choose one of these beautiful options, OR whatever it is that lights you up and helps you to feel happy, vibrant and alive!

There's ‘no one size fits all’ when it comes to raising your vibration!

Think outside the square!

Be unique!

Get in touch with your authentic self and ask her directly what lights her up!

Trust that however you choose to raise your vibration, is perfect for you!

Anyway…What Does ‘Raising Your Vibration’ Really Mean?

Well, quite simply, everything is made of energy!

And based on the law of the Universe, energy is in a constant state of vibration!

YOU are energy!

Therefore, raising your vibration means that you are changing the rate at which your energy vibrates, and this creates a ripple effect throughout your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical states.

You can easily change your energetic vibration by changing the way you feel, think or act.

It can be as simple as speaking words of kindness, gently smiling, consciously inhaling a beautiful breath and feeling yourself being filled with love and light, listening to music or finding a quite space and enjoying a guided meditation.

How Do I Personally ‘Raise MY Vibration’?

I love to: -

· Immerse my Self in a deeply healing ‘energy bath’ using my unique energy tools that help to clear my aura of any old or stagnant energy, cut all negative cords, release outdated beliefs, dissolve built up emotions, stop the monkey mind, light up fresh neural pathways in my mind, activate powerful mindset shifts, reconnect me with my soul and open the doorways to new realms.

· Listen to music – especially Jimmy Barnes, just in case you’re wondering! Hahaha!

· Eat fresh vibrant food! Fresh wholesome foods continuously support and sustain my high vibration!

· Have a shower! This helps to ‘clear the air’ AND my mind

· Enjoy catching a few rays of the sun – it always helps me to feel alive!

· Drink lots of water! Flushes out toxins from my body, which also flushes toxins out of my mind!

· Chat, chill and laugh with my family – as everyone’s coming and going at different times in my home, the kitchen bench is usually the hub for great conversations, catching up and having a good laugh!

· Hang with my husband – just chillaxing and doing whatever we want, which may be enjoying a cuppa on the deck, going for a drive, having a picnic, watching a movie, traveling to warm sunny destinations…the list goes on

· Walk along the beach! Getting my toes in the sand and having the water wash over my feet supports me to release any stress or tension AND I love to visualise the energy of the ocean enveloping me with its powerful and yet nurturing and healing energy. Aaaah!

· Meditate! I meditate in lots of different ways! Yes, I sometimes lay down or sit to experience a mediation although I also enjoy unique ‘Movement Meditations’ while I’m hanging out the clothes, washing the dishes, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, swimming, walking and automatic writing.

· Spend time with my friends – cos my friends are weird and wacky just like me! Hahaha!

· Exercising! Getting my heart pumping and moving my body feels SO good and inspires my thoughts to venture into places within my mind that would normally remain dormant!

· Connect with the Angels, Fairies, Guides, Spirit Animals and Ascended Masters! When I open my heart, mind and chakras to the spiritual realm, my spiritual growth is exponential which raises my vibration organically and authentically! For this I’m deeply grateful!

· AND…I love, love, love ME TIME!!! Being the intuitive, introverted, empathic and highly sensitive soul that I am, #MeTime it’s an awesome way for me to raise my vibration, reconnect with my authentic self AND feel re-energised and fabulous!

Whatever YOU choose to do, ensure you #loveit!

Do it often!

And…mix it up a bit!

Let go of the assumption it can only be one OR a few things that help you to raise your vibration!

I’d love to know…

HOW DO YOU love to raise your vibration?

Send me a quick message at

I answer all my emails personally.

Wishing you oodles of fun, enlightened moments and happy, #happyvibrations!


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