How One Woman Discovered How to Rise Up and Own Her Uniqueness

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Picture this…

You keep experiencing a repetitive nightmare.

You’re drowning, you’re gripped with fear, you’re confused, and you don’t know which way is up!

It’s a recurring nightmare that’s haunted you for years!

Each time you awaken from the nightmare you’re completely exhausted!

Here’s the thing

Kelly reached out to me as she was at her wits end.

The nightmares were taking their toll on her physically, emotionally and mentally.

The effects were rippling out into her everyday life and straining her relationship with her husband and children.

Of course, that’s not all

As we began to dig deeper into Kelly’s experiences in her younger years, her eyes began to widen as her memories were awakened.

With each moment we spent together she began to relax more deeply and allow the memories to unfold, like petals on a flower gracefully opening.

She recalled being told on numerous occasions as a child, ‘Everything is your fault’!

Being young, super sensitive and not knowing any different, she believed this to be true.

As another veil was lifted, the memory of hiding in her wardrobe and yet still hearing the turmoil within her home, resurfaced.

Veil after veil was lifted.

Aha moments were appearing one after the other.

She realised that deep down she believed she was being punished for things that had happened in her past.

She began to understand the connection between the nightmares, feeling powerless and not knowing which way to turn.

Here’s why I mention it…

Kelly is not the only one who has experienced this depth of turmoil and trauma!

I’ve worked with dozens of clients who were weighed down with guilt, shame and fear from childhood experiences.

And there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to healing from within, as everyone’s journey is unique.

So how did I help Kelly overcome her nightmares?

I shared a divinely guided and unique healing process with her which helped her to embrace the learnings, rise up above the situations that were connected with the recurring nightmares so that she could see them from a new perspective AND bathed her in a sea of unconditional love.

As always, I ‘sprinkled an extra little bit of magic’ on Kelly’s traumatic experiences and within moments her energy cleared, she inhaled a deep breath and realised that the pain and triggers associated with the nightmares had dissolved.

The result?

Kelly’s nightmares ceased.

Nervous habits stopped – These were habits she was unaware of until she no longer had them.

In place of ‘reacting’ to situations in her relationships, she realised that she was able to ‘respond’ calmly and with a clear mind.

She noticed her confidence was instantly boosted.

Her breathing was relaxed.


She looked years younger! It’s amazing how stress can cause you to age and look older waaay beyond your years.

Kelly now happily owns her uniqueness and confidently walks in her power.

It’s simple

The signs that you need to nurture your soul, practice self-care and heal past hurts are always obvious although often people are either unaware or choose to ignore them.

Living in a state of fear can go unrecognised if it’s familiar to you.

It’s only when the pain and discomfort gets to a point where it is unbearable that most people seek help.

I’m here to remind you that it is possible for you to heal from past experiences even if you don’t know how, why or where to start!

Is it time for you to let go of the fears that are holding you back, reach out and graciously accept the key to the invisible door to the Universe and discover what’s on the other side?


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