A Checklist for Easily and Effortlessly Living Mindfully


I’ve discovered that the ripple effects that come with living #mindfully are truly inspiring! Living mindfully helps you to enjoy better relationships, be healthier, happier AND more #successful.

Mindfulness really can be easy, simple and fun!

Here’s a Checklist to help you easily and effortlessly live mindfully.

Meditate – Even one conscious breath can be a meditation. Just in this moment, inhale a gentle breath…and as you exhale, relax your shoulders and allow yourself to simply ‘BE’.

Patience – Change takes time. Learning is a process. Life truly is a journey. Enjoy your journey of life as it divinely unfolds.

Let go – Feel confident to let go of what no longer serves you well. Clear out the clutter in your living space AND ask the universe to help you to lovingly and gently release unpleasant experiences, old habits and outdated thought patterns from your life.

Trust – It’s important to trust and have confidence in yourself first and foremost. Trust your intuition. Trust your inner self to guide you.

Non-Judging – Consciously focus on observing – no judging – simply being an ‘observer’.

Kindness – Practicing kindness is a necessary and important aspect to living a happier, healthier and more mindful life. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others.

Acceptance – Acceptance has no connection to resignation. Mindfulness is about accepting how you feel right now, rather than denying it. Acceptance first, change comes later.

Curiosity – Be curious about your experiences, thoughts and feelings. How do you feel emotionally? Be aware of how your body feels in this moment. What kinds of thoughts are flowing through your mind?

Be open minded – Be open to new experiences, thoughts, habits and outcomes. When you open your mind, it’s like opening the doors and windows in your home and allowing the sun to shine in and fresh air to flow through.

Gratitude – Express your gratitude AND allow yourself to FEEL gratitude. Be grateful for who you are and all your experiences. As you continue to plant seeds of gratitude, your garden of life will flourish.

#Mindfulness is about taking small steps, being gentle with yourself and knowing that everything is happening in divine and perfect order.

I hope you enjoyed this checklist and now feel more confident to practice living mindfully…with ease, grace and gratitude.


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