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Are Empowerment Sessions For You?

You're a highly observant, sensitive, intuitive, empathic, or creative soul who is seeking to empower yourself and take control of your life from the inside out.

You see, hear, feel or know things that go unnoticed by others that keep you second-guessing yourself.

You've always felt like a black sheep and are awakening to the realisation that you're a Rainbow Unicorn.

Maybe you've experienced generational trauma, emotional trauma, panic attacks, loss, grief, or gaslighting.

Or maybe you're ready to take the first step on your self-discovery journey, and are feeling stuck as you're not sure where to start!

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3 Reasons to Work With Leonie

1.  A Safe and Nurturing Space

Leonie is renowned for creating an incredibly safe and nurturing space where you can share deeply personal experiences so that your healing journey is profound, empowering, and transformational.

2.  Leonie's SUPERPOWER is her innate ability to see, hear and feel beyond the physical

Leonie's extraordinary depth of wisdom and innate ability to see, hear and feel beyond the physical is a powerful gift she shares to help you heal from trauma, bring balance to your mind, body, and emotions and take control of your life from the inside out - Empowering!

3.  Leonie has personally transcended trauma on her Path to Empowerment 

Leonie understands the overwhelm, fear, anxiety, confusion, and misplaced shame and guilt, that come from personally experiencing generational, physical, sexual, and emotional trauma

The feelings of being dismissed, disbelieved, misunderstood, and alone were also familiar on her Path to Empowerment!

Leonie's deep understanding of trauma she has transcended one empowered step at a time, fuels her passion for helping you take control of your life and transcend trauma one empowered step at a time, too.



Empowerment Sessions

From AU$222


Amanda SAYS...


Leonie McNamara
Amanda Coscina - Los Angeles - USA

“Even though I live halfway around the world in the USA, Leonie has been able to guide my spirit and energy through positive growth and healing. She gave me inner calm and peace to fearlessly move forward in the direction I desired. I cannot imagine going through life not feeling this strong, ever again. Leonie’s 1:1 Mentoring Sessions have helped to save my life - and I look forward to working with her in person one day. Thank You Leonie! ”

Los Angeles - USA


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The MAGIC will be amplified!

You'll be lovingly enveloped in healing energy from the first moment of your Empowerment Session.

The magic will then be amplified when Leonie intuitively tunes into your energy and guides you on a unique and enlightening  journey of deep self-realisation.

Your questions will be answered, veils will be lifted, and blocks will be cleared.

Drawing on her innate ability to see, hear and feel beyond the physical, and over 23 years working with her Unique Mindset and Energy Toolkit, Leonie's Secret Weapons, you'll discover how to confidently:

  • Transform turmoil into peacefulness
  • Unearth the root cause of your trauma - the WHY
  • Transcend trauma one empowered step at a time
  • Intuitively create meaningful experiences; and
  • Empower you to take control of your life from the inside out

Anxiety and overwhelm will gently dissolve as your questions are answered, veils are lifted, and blocks cleared.

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When you unearth the WHY, magic happens!

Remember earlier you learned that Leonie knows all too well the overwhelm, confusion, fear, and anxiety, together with the misplaced shame and guilt, that comes from experiencing trauma.

Unearthing the root cause of the WHYs has helped her to transcend trauma one empowered step at a time and transform her personal turmoil into peacefulness, doubts into clarity, and confidently embrace her unique and quirky self with joy and gratitude.

Guaranteed to Instantly Feel Seen, Heard, and Supported

When you connect with Leonie inside your Empowerment Session, you'll quickly discover her innate and heartfelt understanding, compassion, and insights that will guarantee you instantly feel seen, heard, and supported.

Leonie is your perfect choice if you want proven results as you embark on your journey of transcending trauma one empowered step at a time!

* Empowerment Sessions are shared via Zoom.



Empowerment Sessions

From AU$222



Leonie McNamara
Danielle Fredericks - Beauty Therapist and Educator

“I can’t Thank Leonie enough for all the help and guidance she has given me. The days seem so much brighter and I have so much more to look forward to for myself and my children.
Leonie has helped me more times than I could even count.
I am not someone that finds it easy to communicate my personal feelings and thoughts.
Leonie always finds a way to help guide me out of my darkness. The gentle, calming and loving feeling Leonie has offered me has helped me through a variety of personal experiences. Including grief, relationship breakdown, anxiety, career and parenting confusion.
I know for a fact that my life is so much brighter from my sessions with Leonie.
I have and still do recommend Leonie to all my friends, family and students. Every single person, no matter how large or small your issue, will feel lighter after a Session with Leonie.”

Beauty Therapist and Educator

Leonie McNamara
Aroha Bentson - New Zealand

““In a very short time, Leonie earnt my trust and confidence through her open and honest advice, support and encouragement. When I discussed problems or challenges with Leonie, she did not provide me with answers; instead she gave me strength and confidence to find my own answers, my own direction and empowered me to be strong within myself - because that was what I wanted and needed. I believe Leonie is a soul star; put on this earth to guide those of us who feel lost or are wavering on the edges. She guides us back to source, back to our true path, our true selves - if we are open & willing to take this direction. Thank you, Leonie, for finding & guiding me.””

New Zealand

Leonie McNamara
Linda Lonsdale - Tweed Coast NSW

“I have two books on my bedside table that are my "GO TO" books for inspiration, healing and reconnecting with what is real. One is Leonie McNamara's "Hidden Secrets of Self Healing" and the other is Oprah Winfrey's "What I Know For Sure". Both books have the same level of appreciation to me, both written so beautifully and thoughtfully to heal and connect with the soul. I hope Oprah gets the opportunity to read Leonie's book as I feel she will be truly inspired.”

Tweed Coast NSW

Leonie McNamara
Nikki McMahon - Tweed Coast NSW

“Our Mindfulness Retreat with Leonie McNamara was the best time and money I have spent on myself ever. Leonie's retreats are mind-blowing in every way. All I can say is DO IT! Find a way to attend, and make it happen for yourself. I can't assume what will happen for you when you attend because everyone is on their own journey. Whatever your journey is, Leonie will help guide you to achieving it in the most gentle and natural way. Thank you for coming into my life! You are amazing! xo”

Tweed Coast NSW

Leonie McNamara
Izobell Terrell - Melbourne - VIC

“Leonie has been a guiding light for me right from the start. I completed my 1st and 2nd level Reiki with her and am about to do my Master's Certification. I have also attended Leonie's Goal Setting Seminar which helped me manifest my goals, and attach a sense of belief behind goals I never thought achievable. I am blessed to have a loving and encouraging friend and teacher like Leonie. If it was not for her encouragement and guidance I would not have reached the level of self-belief I am now. Leonie has taught me to have confidence in my abilities and has helped me market these abilities in ways I never thought possible.
Leonie guides and teaches with light and love, which is the most powerful of all. She has touched my life and left a mark that will remain with me forever... I am blessed in so many ways to have her in my life.”

Melbourne - VIC

Leonie McNamara
Jayde Guise - Sunshine Coast QLD

“When I first met Leonie I was going through a “mini meltdown”. I had previously been in and out of hospital, my father had passed and we had just moved states away from the people and friends who were familiar to me.
You could say I had come to the end of a road that had many directions I was scared to take.
Leonie was great in the fact that she cleared away a lot of negative energies and helped me make positive steps to a brighter and happier self. She has also helped me clarify and understand the spiritual happenings I was experiencing at the time. I believe in her that much that I have also taken my brother to see her.
I really value Leonie and never hesitate to have a healing and reading with her whenever I need to. “She’s an earth angel!” ”

Sunshine Coast QLD

Leonie McNamara
Simone Samin - Gold Coast QLD

“I completed my Reiki cert I, II & Masters with Leonie in a small group setting. Leonie has a very welcoming, warm, calm & caring presence, she is so personable that it is easy to quickly call her a friend. Her patience and inclusion of everyone, during group work, is outstanding.
Leonie's intuition & foresight is truly mind blowing. And her ability to bring out and realize your own intuition is so much fun. One thing I have really taken away from our meetings is to believe in myself & to slow down- everything in due time/the perfect time.
I was recommended contact Leonie by a friend, and I am more than happy to recommend Leonie to other friends.
I am looking forward to participating in more gatherings in the future.
Thanks so much for everything Leonie. I truly appreciate it.”

Gold Coast QLD




Leonie shares Retreats, Masterclasses, Online Programs, and Memberships providing inspiring opportunities for you to take control of your life from the inside out and create joyous and empowered experiences.





Leonie McNamara
Tahnny Houston

“I attended a workshop with Leonie at a crucial time and I believe, as with all things, that it was perfect timing. I felt hope and optimism in the following days like anything was possible. I had forgotten that.
We all need support people and that is one reason why Leonie is important to me.
At times I deny myself with different excuses but this time I didn’t, and it made all the difference to my life and I am still on a roll months later. ”

Leonie McNamara
Bronwyn M

“You are an amazing beautiful friend. Thank you Leonie for your genuine warmth n strength. I am so blessed to have met you. I spoke of gratitude today n then I received your beautiful message. .. following on from yesterday. You have allowed me to feel peace, strength n an element of empowerment. From our sharing I actually do feel a sense of release yet a measure of control. It is an amazing yet interesting feeling for me. Something let go. Thank you. X ”

Leonie McNamara
Adele Williams

“It is a delight and pleasure to say I know Leonie and enjoy connecting with her for 1:1 Sessions, Online Mentoring Programs, and Retreats. Leonie’s words of welcome and greeting smile are guaranteed to warm your heart and stay with you as you step into her presence.
My life has changed from deep grief back to my cheery disposition, from feeling overwhelmed to recognising I am capable of doing anything, from being unable to speak about certain things without crying to being comfortable to share openly and honestly with grateful smiles.
I have learned to focus on moments to treasure, moments to learn from, moments of divine inspiration to carry me forward plus moments of quiet to allow my thoughts to clear.
Experiencing a deep or light meditation with Leonie is in itself deeply moving, however, to verbalise (share) the journey you took makes it profoundly intimate, unique, personal, and often entertaining.
I highly recommend you work with Leonie and experience it firsthand - it’s worth every effort you make in your very busy life and reap the rewards.”

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  • Leonie McNamara

    “Leonie supports you in a journey to heal your heart and enrich your soul, whether it is on a retreat, one-on-one, or in a group session. You will have a lighter step & clearer vision after time with Leonie”

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    Brisbane QLD

  • Leonie McNamara

    “Leonie McNamara - thank you!!!

    As my journey continues, I grow and I learn as I do I am constantly reminded of my core values and how important they are and how they tie into everything that fires me up!
    I've always had a sense of self, but meeting you and stepping into my true self has been a wonderful life changing experience! There are so many amazing people that have helped me along the way and you my dear friend are one of these main beautiful souls!”



  • Leonie McNamara

    “I have known Leonie now for quite a few years. She has helped myself and my daughters with Meditation classes, reiki lessons and one on one healing. I simply love being around Leonie. Her warm, calm and loving energy is so uplifting. I would recommend Leonie to everyone. So much love for he!”

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    Gold Coast QLD

  • Leonie McNamara

    “I attended Monday night Mindfulness Sessions with Leonie when I was in Australia for 4 months. It was the highlight of my week. I came away each week feeling enlightened, refreshed and less stressed. Leonie is an amazing woman with a special gift. Thank you so much, you helped me more than you will ever know. ”

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    Teacher & Adventurer

  • Leonie McNamara

    “Through her healing hands, calming voice and wealth of knowledge and experience Leonie brings a sense of balance, clarity and energy back to the mind, body and soul.... Leonie is truly a gifted spirit”

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    Gold Coast QLD

  • Leonie McNamara

    “Leonie is beautiful inside and out. Her weekly mindfulness sessions are amazingly intuitive and great for helping you focus on the important stuff in your life and letting go of negative energy and experiences. Leonie also does one on one sessions to help shift old emotions that are holding you back from making the most of your life right now!”

    Nikki McMahon - Testimonial 240 x 240 Simplero

    Tweed Coast NSW

  • Leonie McNamara

    “Amazing!! Each and every time I visit Leonie for a 1:1 Mentoring Session, I go away feeling like I am floating on a cloud. All my worries have washed away!! I have no issues! I am motivated and inspired, knowing I can face any challenges that come my way. This leaves me feeling peaceful and relaxed with a clear vision of where I am heading! Thank you Leonie”

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    Tweed Coast NSW

  • Leonie McNamara

    “Hi Leonie! I started the 7 Steps Program on Monday and WOW! I’m loving it! I am so happy about how well I am feeling! It is immensely powerful and up lifting. Love you!”

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  • Leonie McNamara

    “Our Life doesn't seem so hard now. Leonie has shown me how to look at situations in many different ways that I never even thought would ever be possible. I have completed Level I and Level II Reiki with Leonie and feel very uplifted and inspired to go on to help others. I also hope to do my Reiki Master level with her too. I always really look forward to Group Mentoring Sessions with Leonie because she has such a beautiful, calming voice and always has a smile on her face when you walk in the door to make you feel welcome.”

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    Tweed Coast NSW


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