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A 4-Day Journey of Reconnection and Renewal for Women

21st - 24th May 2024



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21st - 24th May 2024

At the luxurious Twin Waters Resort on the Sunshine Coast

Tuesday 21st - Friday 24th May 2024

At the Luxurious Twin Waters Resort on the Sunshine Coast

Tuesday 7th - Friday 10th May 2024

At the Luxurious Twin Waters Resort on the Sunshine Coast

Tuesday 21st - Friday 24th May 2024


Welcome to 'Nourish': A 4-Day Journey of Reconnection and Renewal for Women

Set against the luxurious backdrop of Twin Waters Resort, this unparalleled retreat beckons you to disconnect, find serenity, and embark on a transformative path of self-discovery. Within this sanctuary, you'll discover an oasis that inspires personal growth, nurtures enduring bonds, and opens the gateway to a new chapter brimming with balance and harmony.

Welcome to 'Nourish':

A 4-Day Journey of Reconnection and Renewal for Women

Set against the luxurious backdrop of Twin Waters Resort, this exclusive retreat invites you to unplug, rediscover peace, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Here, you'll find not just a retreat but a stepping stone to personal growth, lasting connections, and a new chapter filled with balance and harmony.

Deep Dive into 'Nourish' Benefits:

 Discover how each day at 'Nourish' is carefully crafted to nurture your mind, body, and soul. From our Full Moon Meditation setting the journey's tone to the final farewell high tea, every activity is designed to support your path to self-discovery and empowerment. Engage in expert-led sessions, enjoy gourmet dining tailored to every dietary need, and relax in luxurious accommodations that promise rest and rejuvenation.


Nikki's Path to Renewal: A Heartfelt Testimonial 

Leonie McNamara

“Our Mindfulness Retreat with Leonie McNamara was the best time and money I have spent on myself ever. Leonie's retreats are mind-blowing in every way. All I can say is DO IT! Find a way to attend, and make it happen for yourself. I can't assume what will happen for you when you attend because everyone is on their own journey. Whatever your journey is, Leonie will help guide you to achieving it in the most gentle and natural way. Thank you for coming into my life! You are amazing! Xo”

Tweed Coast, Australia

Ready to immerse yourself in this transformative experience and emerge with renewed energy, clarity, and a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you, just like Nikki?


Unlock Your Journey of Transformation

Your Investment in Renewal

 For an investment of $2697, 'Nourish' offers you a comprehensive experience designed for your complete rejuvenation and growth. 

Spots are limited - ensuring an intimate setting. 


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Luxurious Stay and Dining Experience - Valued at over $1400

Discover an unparalleled retreat experience at Twin Waters Resort, where the essence of luxury blends seamlessly with tranquility. For 'Nourish', I have carefully selected recently renovated Executive Lagoon View rooms, designed to be your haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.

All accommodations are single occupancy, providing a private and serene space exclusively for you to reflect and rejuvenate. This personal sanctuary serves as your gateway to a transformative journey at 'Nourish'.

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Energising Your Life The Connection Between Food, Mood, and Energy  (700 x 700 px)

Culinary delights will accompany our carefully curated meals, beginning with a welcome dinner designed to foster connection and enjoyment. Start your day with energising daily breakfasts, essential for your journey of self-discovery. Enjoy moments of reflection over chef-selected lunches in our picturesque overwater bungalow. Our journey together concludes with a refined farewell high tea, a celebration of the growth and connections we've forged. Every dietary need will be thoughtfully catered to, ensuring your dining experiences are as memorable as they are delightful.

A Sanctuary of Calm and Personalised Guidance - Valued at over $3500

Discover a tranquil oasis at 'Nourish', where serene surroundings and natural beauty create a perfect backdrop for reflection, growth, and connection. Our retreat serves as a peaceful haven, intentionally designed to nurture your journey:

Overwater Bungalow: The heart of our retreat, this serene space above the water is where group sessions unfold, offering tranquility and inspiring insights.

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Personalised Guidance: Each participant benefits from the expert guidance of Leonie McNamara, who tailors sessions to meet individual needs and goals. With a focus on empowering your personal journey, Leonie offers insights and strategies that resonate with your unique path of growth and renewal.

This combination of a supportive community and individualised attention ensures that your experience at 'Nourish' is transformative and deeply personal. Together, we create a space where every woman can thrive, explore, and step into her power.

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence: Activities & Experiences- Valued at over $1000

Embark on a curated journey of self-awareness with 'Nourish,' where each day is a step towards understanding and harnessing the power of your emotions for personal transformation and deeper connection. Each element of 'Nourish' is designed to deepen your emotional intelligence and enhance your connection with yourself and the world around you. Among these transformative experiences are:

  • Full Moon Meditation Sound Bath - Lead by Renowned Sound Alchemist Jodie Sarah: Experience alignment with the lunar energy of the Full Moon. This session is a potent moment for introspection and intention-setting, amplifying your capacity for emotional clarity and release.

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  • Daily Sessions with Leonie McNamara: Engage in a diverse array of workshops and activities focused on developing your emotional intelligence. These sessions provide practical tools and insights to navigate emotions with greater ease and understanding.

  • Self-Reflection Time: Carve out moments for personal reflection, a vital component of integrating your experiences and insights. This dedicated time supports your journey towards emotional balance and resilience.

This segment of the retreat is dedicated to nurturing your mind, body, and soul, ensuring a transformative experience that resonates long after you return home.

Connection, Community, and Beachside Serenity - Priceless

In the heart of 'Nourish', amidst the serenity and natural splendor, lies the opportunity to forge deep, meaningful connections and receive personalised guidance on your journey of self-discovery:

Connection and Community: 'Nourish' is a sanctuary where like-minded women gather, share, and support each other's journeys. Our intimate setting fosters lasting bonds, creating a nurturing community of empathy and understanding that extends beyond the retreat.

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Beachside Serenity: Just a short stroll away, the beach awaits. Embrace early morning walks or reflective moments by the sea, letting the soothing rhythms enhance your retreat experience.

This harmonious blend of warm connections and natural settings forms the essence of 'Nourish' and encourages deep reflection and fosters a sense of peace that complements the inner work of our sessions. It's here, amidst this serene backdrop, that you're invited to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with yourself and the world around you. 


Transforming Lives: A Journey to Clarity and Peace - Danielle's Story 

Leonie McNamara

“Leonie's support has been a beacon of light in my life, guiding me through personal storms with a gentle and loving approach. Her ability to navigate me through grief, anxiety, and life's uncertainties has been invaluable. I find solace in her sessions, which have significantly brightened my outlook and enriched my family's life. I recommend Leonie to anyone seeking clarity and peace; her impact is truly transformative.”

Mother, Beauty Therapist and Beauty Educator, QLD

Meet Your Retreat Guide: Leonie McNamara

Welcome to 'Nourish,' a sanctuary where I, Leonie McNamara, guide you on transformative journeys of self-discovery.

My passion is rooted in leading you through experiences that foster meditation, mindfulness, and personal growth. With a deep well of knowledge and a caring touch, I create a space of compassion for every guest to explore their inner self and unlock their fullest potential.

My journey in wellness and spiritual development has been rich and rewarding, allowing me to connect deeply and authentically with souls from all walks of life. I aim to support and inspire you to embrace your true self, uncover your strengths, and navigate towards a life of balance and harmony.

Join me at 'Nourish' for an enriching experience under my guidance, where we'll illuminate the path to your wellness and personal transformation.


Meet Our Guest Sound Alchemist: Jodie Sarah


I'm thrilled to introduce a special guest at 'Nourish,'

Imagine being cocooned in a symphony of healing vibrations that resonate to your core.

Meet Jodie Sarah, a celebrated Sound Alchemist and Intuitive Guide, who will lead you through a transformative sound bath experience, designed to elevate your senses and nourish your soul.

Surrender to the soothing vibrations and melodious harmonies as Jodie orchestrates a symphony using crystal bowls, chimes, bells, a medicine drum, rattles, and gongs. This immersive sound bath will envelop you in tranquility, connecting your heart to the cosmos and unveiling the profound treasures within.

Join Jodie Sarah and me at 'Nourish' for an enchanting experience that will transcend mere relaxation, opening new pathways to wellness and inner peace.

'Nourish' Retreat ItineraryBackdrop Pink Flowers

Embark on a journey of rejuvenation, connection, and self-discovery with 'Nourish'. Our schedule is designed to immerse you in an enriching experience that fosters deep, transformative connections with yourself and like-minded women, emphasising relaxation, personal growth, and shared journeys. Here’s what awaits you:

Day 1 - Tuesday, 21st May: Embrace the Beginning

2:00 PM Check-In: Settle into your serene retreat space, the Executive Lagoon View room, where every detail is designed for your utmost comfort. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of your surroundings, with breathtaking panoramas that invite a deep sense of peace and readiness for the journey ahead.

Afternoon Session - Welcome and Intention Circle: Join us in the heart of our tranquil overwater bungalow oasis for our first session together. This opening circle is a sacred time for introductions, sharing our hopes, and setting intentions. Through gentle guided reflections and interactive activities, we’ll begin to weave the bonds that will carry us through our transformative journey. This session is designed to create a nurturing environment where each participant feels heard, supported, and connected to the collective spirit of our retreat. It’s a perfect foundation for the growth, discovery, and transformation that await us.

Evening: Conclude the day with a shared Sicilian Feast for our welcome dinner, where each dish, mindfully prepared to cater to all dietary needs, invites you to savour the tastes of togetherness and embark on a culinary journey that complements our path of discovery and connection.

Day 1 of 'Nourish' sets the foundation for a transformative experience of personal growth, relaxation, and community building.

Day 2 - Wednesday, 22nd May: Deepening Connections

Morning: Rise and shine with the day's first light, greeting you with the promise of new discoveries. A complimentary breakfast awaits, offering a bounty of nourishing choices to start your day with energy and intention.

Morning Session: After breakfast, we reconvene in the heart of our retreat, the overwater bungalow, for a session dedicated to deepening the connections—both within yourself and with the group. Today's activities are designed to expand your awareness and enhance your journey of self-discovery.

Lunch: Lunchtime offers a chef-selected lunch in our picturesque bungalow, providing a meal that satisfies the palate and nourishes the soul, meticulously prepared to accommodate all dietary needs.

Afternoon Session: As we embrace the powerful energy of the Full Moon, our afternoon gathering will focus on a special Full Moon Meditation. This session is a highlight of our journey, designed to deepen our connection to the lunar cycle and each other. Together, we'll set intentions and embrace the transformative energy of the Full Moon, further enriching our experience of personal and collective growth.

Evening: As day turns to night, embrace this moment for personal reflection. Whether you're inspired to stroll down to the beach to watch the Full Moon rise, journal in the solitude of your room, or simply be present with your thoughts, this time is yours to absorb and reflect on the day's journey and the insights gained.

Dinner: This evening, embrace the freedom to curate your own dining experience. Whether you're drawn to exploring the vibrant local dining scene or prefer the tranquility of a meal at the resort, the choice is entirely yours, allowing you to savour the rich local cuisine at your leisure.

Day 2 of 'Nourish' invites you to dive deeper into the essence of connection and exploration, setting the stage for profound personal insights and shared growth.

Day 3 - Thursday, 23rd May: Renewal and Reflection

Morning: Greet the day with a sense of renewal, enjoying another wholesome complimentary breakfast designed to energise and inspire.

Morning Session: Return to the overwater bungalow for a session focused on personal renewal and deeper reflection. Today's activities will guide you through practices that rejuvenate the spirit and sharpen the mind.

Lunch: A chef-selected lunch awaits again in our bungalow, offering a moment of pause and pleasure amidst our day of introspective activities.

Afternoon Session: This afternoon, immerse yourself in workshops that nurture self-understanding and collective empathy, deepening the connections with your fellow travelers.

Evening Reflection: Reserve the evening for personal reflection or relaxation, allowing the day’s insights to settle and resonate within you.

Dinner: This evening, you're invited to discover the culinary treasures of the local area at your leisure, presenting an ideal moment to ponder the progress of your journey. (Note: The choice of dinner venue is yours to make, enabling you to delight in the diverse tastes the region has to offer.)

Day 3 of 'Nourish' deepens our exploration into self and community, fostering an environment of growth and introspection.


Day 4 - Friday, 24th May: Farewell and New Beginnings

Morning: Begin your last day at 'Nourish' with a final complimentary breakfast, reflecting on the journey and the path ahead.

Morning Session: Our closing session in the overwater bungalow will focus on integrating our experiences, and preparing for the transition back to daily life with new insights and connections.

10:00 AM Check-Out: As we say farewell to our tranquil retreat space, carry with you the peace and lessons learned.

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Farewell High Tea: Before departure, join us for a Farewell High Tea, a moment to honour the connections made and the growth experienced, ensuring we leave as enriched souls, ready to bring our renewal into the world.

Day 4 of 'Nourish' serves as both a conclusion to our retreat and the starting point of a journey anew, rich with deeper insights and strengthened by meaningful connections.

Embrace Your Journey:

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Your transformative journey with 'Nourish' is just a step away. With the serene Twin Waters Resort as our backdrop and a curated program designed for profound personal growth, this retreat promises an unforgettable experience of renewal and connection. 

  • Limited Spaces Available: To maintain an intimate and personalised experience, 'Nourish' welcomes a select number of guests. Secure your place now to ensure you don't miss this unique opportunity. 

  • Early Bird Offer: Remember, my Early Bird pricing is available until 5:00pm on 6th March, offering a special rate and benefits, including the opportunity for a personalised one-on-one session with me.

  • How to Register: Ready to embark on this journey? Click the Register Now link below to secure your spot and choose your preferred payment option. Whether you prefer a bank transfer or credit card, the registration process is simple and secure. 

Register Now

Don't let this chance to nourish your body, mind, and soul pass you by. Join us at 'Nourish' for a journey of self-discovery, relaxation, and community unlike any other. 

Let this opportunity to enrich your body, mind, and soul at 'Nourish' become your next step towards personal discovery. Join us for a journey that transcends the ordinary.

FAQ's for 'Nourish': A Bespoke Retreat Experience

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How Does the Retreat Support My Personal Journey?

Receive personalised guidance in sessions that inspire self-discovery and empowerment, all tailored to your individual needs for profound growth.

Are There Any Special Offers?

Enjoy my Early Bird offer: a $2497 rate available until 5:00pm on Wednesday, 6th March with a $700 non-refundable deposit. Additionally, those who book and pay in full upfront will receive the exclusive benefit of a personal one-on-one session with me, further enhancing your retreat experience from the start.

How Can I Book My Spot?

Book easily with my Early Bird offer until 6th March or join at the full price of $2697 afterward. Register here, choosing bank transfer or credit card during the process.

What Unique Experiences Can I Expect?

Experience the transformative Full Moon Meditation, engaging discussions, serene high tea, and a special gift bag awaiting your arrival. 

How Many Guests Will There Be? 'Nourish' offers an intimate setting with a maximum of seven guests, ensuring personal attention and meaningful connections.

What Do I Need to Pack? Essentials include layered clothing, an optional yoga mat for meditation purposes, comfortable footwear, personal items, a journal and pen, a reusable water bottle, and an open heart and mind.

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What Does a Typical Day Look Like? Your days blend nourishing meals, engaging sessions, and quiet time moments for yourself. While mornings can start with a self-guided stroll along the beach, evenings offer space for contemplation and relaxation.

What Are the Dates and Location? The retreat is from 21st-24th May 2024 at Twin Waters Resort, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, offering a serene backdrop for our journey.

What Type of Accommodations are Available? My retreat features recently upgraded Executive Lagoon View rooms designed to ensure your comfort and tranquility. Each accommodation room is single share, providing a private space for your personal retreat experience.

What Dining Experiences Are Included? Enjoy a welcome dinner, daily breakfasts, lunches in our overwater bungalow, and a farewell high tea, which are all catered to dietary needs.

Amanda's Transformation: A Global Journey of Healing

Leonie McNamara

“Despite the distance, with Leonie's guidance from halfway around the world, I've embarked on a remarkable journey of growth and healing. Her mentorship brought me to a place of inner calm and peace, empowering me to move fearlessly towards my goals. The strength and clarity I've gained are irreplaceable. Leonie's 1:1 Mentoring Sessions have been life-saving, and I eagerly anticipate the day we can work together in person. Thank you, Leonie, for showing me the power of true strength.”

Interior Designer, Los Angeles, USA


A Glimpse Into 'Nourish'

Discover the Beauty and Serenity of Your Retreat Experience



Relish a welcome dinner in a stunning location and chef-selected lunches served in our overwater bungalow. All are tailored to accommodate every dietary requirement.


Learn, grow, evolve: Immerse in activities that foster emotional intelligence enriching mind, body, and soul for enhanced peace and overall wellbeing.


Stay in recently renovated Executive Lagoon View rooms, designed for supreme comfort and elegance, ensuring a restful and luxurious retreat experience.


Immerse yourself in a world where magic fills the air, inviting you to rediscover the joy and wonder of your inner child in a setting touched by enchantment.


Intuition, transformation, enlightenment: Journey through mystical insights that deepen your awareness, inspire your path, and harmonise your spirit.


Our Full Moon Meditation led by Jodie Sarah taps into the moon's transformative energy, awakening a deep connection with the universe's natural rhythms.


Discover tranquility in our overwater bungalow, the heart of our retreat, floating above the water. A perfect setting for our group sessions, reflection, and growth.


Experience uniquely tailored sessions for growth, led with the wisdom and expertise of Leonie McNamara, ensuring a journey rich in personal discovery and empowerment.


Just a short stroll away, the beach offers a picturesque extension of our tranquil retreat, with soothing sea rhythms enhancing your journey of reflection and renewal. 


Join us at the Table of Wisdom, where shared meals and insights blend. Lunches invite deeper bonds and open conversations, enriching your self-discovery journey.


Build enduring connections with like-minded women in a nurturing environment, where support and understanding foster deep, meaningful bonds.


Unwind on the deck's lounge, with serene views of the lagoon from our bungalow, a perfect backdrop for relaxation and contemplation.


Discover a peaceful retreat in our lounge area, where comfort meets elegance, offering a cozy space for quiet reflection or intimate conversations.


Immerse yourself in the tranquil waters of our resort pool, a refreshing sanctuary designed for leisurely swims and sun-soaked relaxation amidst lush surroundings.


Conclude your transformative journey with a refined farewell high tea, honouring the personal growth and lasting connections fostered at 'Nourish'.

Pricing, Payment and Registration InformationBackdrop Pink Flowers

This section of 'Nourish' is designed to guide you through the seamless process of securing your spot, understanding the investment, and choosing the best payment option for you:

Early Bird Offer (14th February - 6th March): Reserve your spot at 'Nourish' with an exclusive rate of $2497. This special offer includes;

  • A $700 non-refundable deposit to secure your place.

  • The remaining balance of $1797 is due by 5:00pm on Wednesday, 27th March, 2024.

Exclusive Full Upfront Payment Bonus: One-on-One with Leonie McNamara

Elevate your 'Nourish' experience with a full upfront payment and unlock a personal session with Leonie McNamara. This bespoke session, designed to deepen your retreat journey and set clear intentions, is available exclusively to guests who take advantage of the Early Bird offer before 5:00pm on Wednesday 6th March. For additional details, please see the terms and conditions.

Please Note:  My Early Bird Offer and Full Price rates are structured per person, reflecting the exclusive single share accommodation provided. This setup is designed to offer you a tranquil, personal retreat experience, ensuring privacy and serenity throughout your stay.

Full Price (After 5:00pm on 6th March): Did you miss the Early Bird? You can still join us at the full price of $2697. Full payment is required at the time of booking to confirm your place.

Registration Made Easy:

Click the Book Now link to begin.

Choose your preferred payment method during the process:

  • Bank Transfer: Complete your registration and then follow the instructions provided to transfer the payment. 

  • Credit Card: Securely complete your payment online as part of the registration process.

Understanding Your Retreat Experience - Terms and Policies: Before finalising your registration, I encourage you to familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions. This step ensures you are fully informed about my retreat policies, your rights, and what to expect from your transformative journey with me.

Terms and Conditions for ‘Nourish’: A 4-Day Journey of Reconnection and Renewal for Women Retreat


Welcome to ‘Nourish’: A 4-Day Journey of Reconnection and Renewal for Women, a unique and bespoke experience designed for personal transformation and growth. I am excited to host this retreat from 21st – 24th May 2024 and look forward to guiding you through this incredible journey. Please carefully read the following terms and conditions before booking your spot.

Booking and Payments

Early Bird Offer

Secure your transformative experience at 'Nourish' with my Early Bird offer, available until 5:00pm on Wednesday, 6th March 2024, for an exclusive rate of $2497, unless booked out prior. A non-refundable deposit of $700 is required upon booking, with the remaining balance of $1797 due by 5:00pm on Wednesday, 27th March 2024. If the balance is not received by this date, the booking will revert to the full price of $2697, with a new balance of $1997 after the deposit.

As a special appreciation for those who choose to pay in full upfront by 5:00pm on 6th March, an exclusive one-hour personal session with me, Leonie McNamara, is offered. This session is designed to enrich your journey with personalised guidance and intention-setting, exclusive to Early Bird bookings. Further details are provided below.

Exclusive Bonus for Full Upfront Payment: Personal Session with Leonie McNamara

Eligibility: This offer is reserved for guests who complete their Early Bird booking with a single, full upfront payment by 5:00pm on Wednesday, 6th March.

Details: The session focuses on personal growth and intention-setting, tailored to enhance your retreat experience.

Location & Mode: Choose between an in-person session at Banksia Bloom in Buderim or virtually via Zoom, accommodating your convenience and comfort.

Scheduling: Please book your session to be held by 9th May 2024 to ensure this exclusive benefit enriches your 'Nourish' experience.

Booking Instructions: Detailed instructions will be provided following full payment confirmation, encouraging you to schedule at your earliest convenience.

Full Price (After Early Bird Period)

Did you miss the Early Bird deadline? You can still join us at the full price of $2697, required in full at the time of booking to secure your place.

Payment Methods: Your Gateway to 'Nourish'

Choose the most convenient option for you: Direct Debits or Credit Card Payments.

For Direct Debits, initiate your transfer here, agreeing to the terms and conditions. Use the following details: 

Account Name: Leonie McNamara

Bank: ING

BSB: 923100

Account Number: 35153173

Reference: Please include your name as a reference to ensure your payment is correctly processed.

For Credit Card Payments, secure your payment through this link, reviewing and accepting the terms and conditions before processing.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation by Participant

For Early Bird Bookings (Before 5:00pm on 6th March):

  • Up to 5:00pm on 27th March: If you need to cancel, only the $700 deposit is retained, allowing for effective planning and accommodation of changes.

  • After 5:00pm on 27th March: No refunds from this date and time, although you may transfer your booking to another person, enriching their life with the opportunity for growth and connection. Assistance is provided to ensure a smooth transition.

For Full Price Bookings (From $5:00pm on 6th March Onwards):.

Bookings at full price are non-refundable, although transfers to another individual are permitted if you’re unable to attend. Assistance is available to facilitate this process.

Transfer Policy

Transfers are allowed up to 14 days before the retreat (by 5:00pm 7th May 2024). It’s your responsibility to find a suitable transferee. Upon doing so, inform me of their details for registration and agreement to the terms and conditions, ensuring a seamless continuation into the 'Nourish' experience.

Cancellation by Myself (The Organiser)

In the unlikely event of a cancellation by myself, participants will receive a full refund of all monies paid.

Retreat Services:

The 'Nourish' retreat is designed to offer a holistic experience, including immersive workshops, guided meditations, nutritious meals, and comfortable accommodations, all aimed at supporting your journey towards personal growth and renewal. While every effort is made to ensure a high-quality retreat experience, the actualisation of personal transformation rests with each participant's engagement with these services.

Participant Responsibility:

Participation in 'Nourish' requires a personal commitment to the process of growth and self-discovery. While I provide the environment, guidance, and support for this journey, the ultimate responsibility for personal outcomes lies with you, the participant. Engaging fully with the retreat's activities and being open to the transformative process is key to realising the benefits of 'Nourish'.

Dining and Beverages: 

Enjoy comprehensive dining with complimentary breakfasts, curated lunches, and a Sicilian Feast welcome dinner. Beverages at the welcome dinner and during the retreat are available for purchase, allowing you to personalise your dining experience. The retreat concludes with a farewell high tea, included in your package, with additional beverages available for purchase.

Liabilities, Responsibilities and Travel Insurance

Participants are responsible for their own travel insurance, medical fitness, and personal belongings. Comprehensive insurance is recommended.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is paramount. Information collected is used solely for retreat management and not shared without consent, except as required by law.

Acknowledgment of Terms

By booking, participants confirm their understanding and agreement to these terms and conditions, committing to an enriching journey at 'Nourish'.

Limited Spaces Available: With only seven spots, booking early is recommended to ensure your participation in this transformative experience.

For More Information
For any inquiries or assistance with registration and payment, please reach out to Leonie McNamara:

Phone: 0426 811 212

Email: leonie@leoniemcnamara.com


Your Moment to Embrace Luxury, Tranquility, and Transformation Awaits at 'Nourish'

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A Journey Back to Joy with Leonie

Leonie McNamara

“Leonie's sessions have been a guiding force in my life, transforming deep grief into joy and overwhelming challenges into a sense of empowerment. Her warm presence immediately uplifts the spirit, leading me through meditations that offer both comfort and profound insights. These moments of clarity and divine inspiration have deeply enriched my journey. Each session with Leonie is a step toward personal transformation, making it a deeply impactful and intimate experience. For anyone seeking a significant shift in perspective, Leonie's retreat offers an invaluable opportunity. I highly recommend it to anyone eager to enhance their life.”

Izobell's Awakening: Embracing Confidence and Inner Magic

Leonie McNamara

“Leonie, a heartfelt thank you for the incredible impact you've had on my life. Your guidance has helped me tune into my inner strength and shed the fears holding me back. The insights gained have not only boosted my confidence but have also opened me up to a newfound sense of freedom I never thought possible. Your support has been transformative, and I am deeply grateful.”

National Sales Capability Leader, QLD

  • HSOSH Product Image  (700 × 380 px) (5) Hidden Secrets of Self Healing Book

    Whether you're looking to inspire yourself or give the gift of transformation to someone special, this exclusive offer is the perfect way to take your experience with "Hidden Secrets of Self Healing" to the next level.

    This beautifully nurturing and powerful book is designed to help you reconnect with your soul's wisdom and guide you on a journey toward personal growth and positive change.

    Grab a copy today and take the next inspiring step on your journey to self-discovery and personal growth.

    AUD 30.00

    “I had been under extreme stress for 1.5 years prior to connecting in a professional sense. I was mentally, physically drained and was at the lowest I had been. Since seeing Leonie, I have been able to still my mind and reconnect with myself again. My sense of confidence has grown and I have re-established trust in myself and my own power.

    I have a general sense of calm and improved well-being.”

  • HSOSH Product Image  (700 × 380 px) (5) Hidden Secrets of Self Healing Book

    Whether you're looking to inspire yourself or give the gift of transformation to someone special, this exclusive offer is the perfect way to take your experience with "Hidden Secrets of Self Healing" to the next level.

    This beautifully nurturing and powerful book is designed to help you reconnect with your soul's wisdom and guide you on a journey toward personal growth and positive change.

    Grab a copy today and take the next inspiring step on your journey to self-discovery and personal growth.

    AUD 30.00

    “My husband and I had separated, and I was dealing with a roller coaster of emotions in regards to that whole situation.
    Leonie taught me ways to process what was going on and not let it take over my whole life and completely consume me in a negative way.
    I needed to stay connected to my two young children who needed me more than ever. I learned to live in the moment more and enjoy the small stuff.
    There is always so many things to be truly grateful for even when you are working through a negative time in your life.
    I have continued to grow and learn so much more from Leonie's gentle guided meditations and discussions.
    Thank goodness a wonderful friend had been telling me about Leonie for a while, and she kept asking me to come along.
    I'm so grateful I did.......it has changed my outlook so much, not just on what I was dealing with at that particular time.
    I love how Leonie's approach is organic, gentle and real. Leonie is very calm and easy to talk to. There is no judgement.”

  • HSOSH Product Image  (700 × 380 px) (5) Hidden Secrets of Self Healing Book

    Whether you're looking to inspire yourself or give the gift of transformation to someone special, this exclusive offer is the perfect way to take your experience with "Hidden Secrets of Self Healing" to the next level.

    This beautifully nurturing and powerful book is designed to help you reconnect with your soul's wisdom and guide you on a journey toward personal growth and positive change.

    Grab a copy today and take the next inspiring step on your journey to self-discovery and personal growth.

    AUD 30.00

    “Leonie is one of a kind and her teachings are truly unique…

    I completed my 1st, 2nd and Reiki Masters recently.

    I am blessed to have a loving and encouraging teacher (and friend) like Leonie.

    Her encouragement and guidance has helped me reach the level of self belief I am at right now. Leonie guides and teaches with light and love and has taught me to have confidence in my abilities. Leonie has touched my life and left a mark that will remain with me forever.”

    Reiki Master/Massage Therapist/Readings

  • Leonie McNamara

    “In a time of deep personal turmoil, Leonie was my guiding light. Moving through grief, health challenges, and a daunting new start, her ability to clear negative energies and guide me towards positivity was transformative. She not only helped me navigate my spiritual experiences but also became a trusted guide for my family. Leonie is truly an earth angel, offering healing and clarity when it's needed most.”

    Qld, Australia