Achieve a Deep Soul Connection

and Boost Your Confidence with

'The Self Love Formula'

8 Week Online Group Program

for Sensitive Women

The Easiest Way to Quiet The Inner Critic 

AND Love Yourself Unconditionally


Izobell confidently re-connected with her

inner magic in just one session!

Imagine what could happen in 8 weeks for YOU!

'Hi Leonie, I just want to say the biggest thank you 

for the Mentoring Session you shared with me!

You have no idea how much it has helped me!!

I feel so much more in tune with things and

am now understanding the power and magic inside me.

The fear connected with my limiting beliefs has left me.

The past life vision really resonated with me and 

I feel it was connected with my limiting beliefs and

the restrictions I had put on myself.

I have a lot more confidence in myself now.

Thank you to the moon and back.

You are an angel xxx'

Izobell Terrell - National Sales Capability Leader - Qld

You know you want to...

  • Stop the constant chatter of the Inner Critic who has kept you second guessing yourself and prevented you from achieving a peaceful mind.

  • Have a strong and deep connection with your Soul and feel confident to love yourself unconditionally

  • Heal from past experiences and reconnect with your spark within
















Imagine if you knew you could find a solution to every problem and feel confident without experiencing doubts.

  • You could relax knowing you are deeply loved without feeling consumed by insecurities​

  • You could enjoy having a peaceful mind without questioning every decision you make

  • You could feel confident knowing that you're on the right path without feeling lost and alone

All this has been possible for me!


That's why I created 'The Self Love Formula' to help you overcome the Inner Critic and love yourself unconditionally without the limiting beliefs, doubts and fears. 

I was consumed with anxiety, overwhelm and doubts before I learned the power of creating a positive mindset, quieting the Inner Critic and loving myself unconditionally.

Since discovering my unique energy and mindset tools, super simple techniques to boost my confidence AND quieting the monkey mind, I have confidently re-connected with my inner knowing - that part of me that knows all is well and in divine order.


I now enjoy living with a profound and deep connection with my Soul and confidently love myself unconditionally while trusting I am being divinely guided.

I want YOU to create a deep connection with your Soul and

confidently love yourself unconditionally while

trusting you are being divinely guided too.


'The Self Love Formula'

Group Mentoring Program

for Sensitive Women

What is 'The Self Love Formula'

Group Mentoring Program for Sensitive Woman?

This Exclusive and Intimate Program teaches you how to hit the reset button on your beliefs, quiet the Inner Critic, confidently find a solution to every problem, easily focus on the positives in each situation, reconnect with your happiness and love yourself unconditionally.

Let's take a look inside...

'The Self Love Formula'

Group Mentoring Program


Masterclass #1  STORYTELLING

Discover the power in Storytelling and how it can positively impact your life.


What's your story? How can telling your story positively impact your life and the lives of others? Storytelling is incredibly powerful and when you learn the reasons 'Why' it's important to share your story AND 'How' you can share it to help inspire others - you'll delight in sharing and speaking confidently from your heart!

Valued at AU$250

Masterclass #2  EMPOWER

Discover the Magic in Setting Healthy Boundaries.


Empowering yourself through setting healthy boundaries creates healthy relationships in all areas of your life, especially with your Self AND food! In this Masterclass we'll be focusing on Emotional Eating! You'll discover the links between your emotions and food choices AND learn how you can make lasting changes to improve your health, naturally and organically.

Valued at AU$250

Masterclass #3  LISTEN

Learn how to go beyond the physical and discover how to easily listen to the messages of your heart, intuition and body.

You’ll discover how to translate the messages which come from deep within so that you can gain a deeper understanding of the effects your thoughts, habits AND environment has on your mind, body and spirit. I’ll be sharing simple techniques to help you tune into the divine vibration that resides deep within your heart, inner wisdom and the cells of your body.

Valued at AU$250

Masterclass #4  FEEL

It's NOW time to reveal the difference between ‘Feeling’ and ‘Feelings’!

In this Masterclass we’ll be expanding on what it means to be ‘sensitive’. I’ll share why it’s so important to pay attention to ‘how’ and ‘what’ you’re feeling!  Whether you sense the feelings physically, as a whisper, a vision OR in your own unique way of knowing. Goosebumps, maybe!

Valued at AU$250

Masterclass #5  LOVE

Discover what Self-Love looks like AND how it feels!

Self- Love is the key to the doorway to your Soul! In this Masterclass you'll be gifted a brand-new key! A key to access areas within, that you’ve never accessed before! Doors will be opened, and dreams will be realised.

Valued at AU$250

Masterclass #6  OBSERVE

There is great power in observing your life through new eyes and a new perspective!

In this Masterclass I'll be sharing with you why observing is a MUST when you are a sensitive soul. Often things are not as they seem and when you learn to pause, breathe, observe and trust, it enables you to tune in more clearly to what is happening in and around you.

Valued at AU$250

Masterclass #7  VISUALISE

Discover the difference between visualising AND seeing what is already there!

It’s time for you to open your mind to possibilities beyond the physical realm which will nurture awesome opportunities to learn, grow and discover new experiences. What you once believed to be impossible, will become possible! I'll be teaching you a simple and powerful creative visualisation technique to quiet the Inner Critic and powerfully guide you into a sacred space within, where unconditional love resides.

Valued at AU$250

Masterclass #8  EVOLVE

Discover how to truly step into your flow and evolve with love, confidence, ease and happiness!

Woohoo! In this Masterclass you will be enveloped in the Universal Life Force Energy as you experience a powerful Generational Healing so that you can understand the divine process of evolving. When you heal the generations before you, the effect ripples out in all directions of time. It’s now time to confidently step into YOUR organic flow and evolve with love, confidence, ease and happiness.

Valued at AU$250


You will become a beautiful member of my Private Facebook Group 'The Happiness Hub'.

A happy and safe space where YOU can pop in and ask your burning questions between LIVE Weekly Masterclasses and celebrate your aha moments AND I'll be popping in to check in with you and support you with your transformation.

Valued at AU$1000


You will have access to my 'inner orbit' for 8 weeks!

You'll enjoy increased LIVE time access to me during the weekly Zoom calls PLUS you'll be receiving my personalised attention within 'The Happiness Hub' on weekdays, to ensure you enjoy a profound and transformational experience.

Valued at AU$1000


I will be tuning into the group energy and sharing divine guidance AND messages from the oracle cards during each LIVE Online Weekly Masterclass.

The clear and concise messages I'll be sharing will gently take you by the hand and reassure you that you're never alone.

Valued at AU$1000


You'll have access to 8 Transformational Positive Mindset Meditations which are unique to this Program.

Each Transformational Positive Mindset Meditation will help you to integrate and accelerate the transformations with ease and confidence.

Valued at AU$1000


Book your space by 5pm Friday 24th April and YOU will receive a Bonus 1hr 1:1 Personalised Positive Mindset Mentoring Session with me.

If you confirm your space by 5pm Friday 24th April, you’ll receive a Bonus 1hr 1:1 Mentoring Session with me, which will be recorded and sent to your inbox.

This is the perfect opportunity to ask for guidance in relation to a personal question to bring clarity and healing to your situation.

Valued at AU$500

Total value of Program AU$6500 



Your Investment: AU$777

It's NOW time to...

Quiet The Inner Critic


Love Yourself Unconditionally!

'The Self Love Formula'

Group Mentoring Program

  • 8 x Weekly LIVE Masterclasses - I'll be sharing my unique mindset and energy tools so that you can discover how to quiet the inner critic and feel confident to love yourself unconditionally

  • Private Facebook Support Group - connecting with like-minded women who are passionate about creating a positive mindset and transforming their lives

  • Personalised Attention -  You'll have access to my 'inner orbit' and receive personalised attention within 'The Happiness Hub' on weekdays to ensure you experience positive and lasting changes in your life

  • Divine Guidance and Oracle Card Messages - I'll be tuning into the group energy and sharing my insights and wisdom so that you feel confident each step of the way 

  • Transformational Positive Mindset Meditations - accelerate your transformation with ease and confidence

  • A Continuous Sprinkling of Magic throughout the entire 'The Self Love Formula' Program - helping you to lovingly and gently heal from within

Love to know more?


Here's some 'Client Love'!

Danielle feels calm, relaxed, confident and brighter

following her Mentoring Sessions

'Leonie has helped me more times than I could even count and

I can't thank her enough for all the help and guidance she has given me.

The days seem so much brighter and I have so much more

to look forward to for myself and my children.

I am not someone that finds it easy to communicate

my personal feelings and thoughts, although 

Leonie always finds a way to help guide me out of my darkness.

The gentle, calming and loving feeling Leonie has offered me

has helped me through personal experiences including grief,

relationship breakdown, anxiety, career and parenting confusion.

I have and still do recommend Leonie to all my friends,

family and students.

Every single person, no matter how large or small your issue,

will feel lighter after a session with Leonie.

Danielle Fredericks - Mother, Beauty Therapist and Beauty Educator - Qld

Total value of Program: AU$6500 



Your Investment: AU$777

Meet Your Mentor - Leonie McNamara

The Positive Mindset Mentor connecting you with your magic within!

Hi, I'm Leonie McNamara!


I was the BIGGEST sceptic of woo woo stuff and was living a 'normal life'...


UNTIL I discovered the magic of energy healing and

the power of creating a positive mindset through

Reiki, Meditation NLP and Mindfulness.


And since the doors to the Universe flew open for me and

I stepped through them over 20 years ago,

I've never looked back.


Have I experienced dark times and challenges since?




AND...I'm excited to say that these experiences lead me to create

an organic toolkit of proven and effective techniques

to help me take back control of my life.


If you're feeling anxious and overwhelmed and

want to move from fear to freedom...

let's make it happen!

My passion is teaching Intuitive women like you

how to bring peace and balance to your mind and emotions

with my gentle and down-to-earth approach.


I love sharing the magic and momentum from my 

20+ years of experience and wisdom

to ensure YOU discover the easiest and fastest

ways to create a positive mindset and

transform YOUR life.

Let's make this your best year yet

as you discover the

Sacred Formula of Self Love!

Still have questions? FAQ's

How long will the weekly LIVE Masterclasses be?

Each weekly LIVE Masterclass will run for 60-90 minutes.

When does the Program start?

'The Self Love Formula' Group Mentoring Program starts on Monday 18th May 2020.

When will the LIVE Masterclasses be held?

The LIVE Masterclasses will be held on Wednesday evenings -

with the first to be on Wednesday 20th May 2020.

What happens if I miss a LIVE Masterclass?

All is well! You will be able to forward me any questions you have so that

I can answer them during the Masterclass.


You'll have access to the recordings if you're unable to join us LIVE.


Want to chat and see if 'The Self Love Formula' Program is right for you?

Let's do it! Email me to organise a time -

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

14 Day no-risk, money-back guarantee. 

If after our time together in the first 14 days, you feel you have

experienced no significant changes in your life,

I'm happy to offer you a full refund - no questions asked.

This Program is PERFECT for you if...

You're ready to stop the monkey mind.


You're an sensitive woman who wants to

achieve a deep connection with your Soul and

boost your confidence.

You're prepared to put in the work that is required

to change the way you currently feel AND 

be more present and positive every day.

This Program is not for you if...

You don't believe your mindset affects your results.

You aren't ready to get out of your comfort zone.

You aren't prepared to explore how healing

from within can change your future.


You know you want to

discover how to love yourself unconditionally.

And you know there has to be an easier way.

Don't wait until your insecurities consume you!


Invest in yourself now to create

a deep and lasting connection with

your Soul NOW.

Are you ready to go from

feeling overwhelmed by the inner critic

to enjoy living with a peaceful mind?

'The Self Love Formula'

Group Mentoring Program

only has a limited number of spaces available.

Total value of Program AU$6500 



Your Investment: AU$777


Book your space by 5pm Friday 24th April and YOU will receive a Bonus 1hr 1:1 Personalised Positive Mindset Mentoring Session.

If you confirm your space by 5pm Friday 24th April, you’ll receive a

Bonus 1hr 1:1 Mentoring Session with me, which will

be recorded and sent to your inbox.

This is the perfect opportunity to ask for guidance in relation to a

personal question to bring clarity and healing to your situation.

Valued at AU$500

DISCLAIMER - All information contained in this Program is for general informational purposes only and does not in any way purport to provide medical advice. Always seek the advice of your medical practitioner prior to taking any form of action.

Our Mindfulness Retreat with Leonie McNamara was the best time and money I have spent on myself ever.  Leonie's retreats are mind blowing in every way.  All I can say is DO IT!  Find a way to attend, make it happen for yourself.  I can't assume what will happen for you when you attend because everyone is on their own journey.  Whatever your journey is, Leonie will help guide you to achieving it in the most gentle and natural way. Thank you for coming into my life! You are amazing! xo

Nikki McMahon – Bilambil Heights NSW