Half Day 'Nurture Your Soul' Retreat


You're invited to join me for a

Creating a Happy, Healthy YOU!

This Exclusive & Intimate Half Day Retreat promises to

gift you the tools you need to:

Tap into your Intuitive and Empathic Gifts
to help you clearly receive YOUR divine messages


Take you to the next level in life –

something deeper and more powerful than you've ever accessed before

Create balance and harmony in your life and
release the negative patterns that no longer serve you


Stop the Monkey Mind; and

Create Healthy and Happy Thoughts

Hello I’m Leonie McNamara
I’m an Author, Intuitive Healer & Mindfulness Mentor


Does life seem to race by with never enough time in the day to get it all done?

Is that pesky Monkey Mind consuming your days and nights?

Maybe you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed about all that you need to do –wondering if you’re on the right path, putting yourself last on the list when it comes to self care AND as each day passes you feel more exhausted and anxious…


It doesn’t have to be this way. What if there’s a way to stop, reset and rethink the way you do life?


An Exclusive and Intimate Experience!

The ‘Nurture Your Soul’ Half Day Retreat is an exclusive and intimate experience that will take you from feeling tired and confused to feeling relaxed, happy, confident and knowing that anything is possible.

From the moment you arrive and walk through the door, you will feel the stress and overwhelm of life simply melt away!

You’ll be able to comfortably sit back and relax as I share the unique and sacred steps I’ve discovered for lovingly and gently dissolving stress and anxiety so that you can feel sooooooo much more at ease within your mind, body and soul.

The retreat was mind blowing because it opened my heart and mind to a whole range of emotions deep within me that I didn't even realise were right there, just underneath the surface. I was fully prepared to surrender and immerse myself to the retreat and the universe, and all it was offering me, I just needed to put aside the everyday stuff and be fully present and open. I found this mind blowing because it empowered me to connect with my dreams and believe in myself… something I’d forgotten how to do.

Nikki McMahon.


This beautifully nurturing 4 hour Retreat is especially designed to help you:

  • quiet the monkey mind

  • clearly tap into your divine messages

  • connect and follow your intuition

  • AND create balance and harmony within your life


Imagine this…
…you’re in a relaxed, safe and sacred space – immersed in a truly magical experience
…feeling as though you’re wrapped in the wings of the angels and receiving a BIG WARM HUG  OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE
…the messages of divine guidance are flowing freely
…you’re enjoying a wonderfully deep connection with your inner wisdom
…whilst filling your heart with laughter, peaceful thoughts, happiness, Self Love AND kindness, surrounded by like-hearted women.


Pure Bliss!

The details

Saturday 24th August   OR   Sunday 25th August

Location: Bilambil Heights – The property is set in the rolling hills of the beautiful Tweed Coast in Northern New South Wales – only a 10 minute drive from Coolangatta Beach on the Gold Coast


Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm


Venue: You will be enveloped in the relaxed, peaceful and serene sacred space within my Home Studio amidst a natural and tranquil setting

Cost: $197 per person

**The Retreat is running on both of the above days. To book, simply click the button below and then choose the date that suits you best.**

To ensure you enjoy a delightfully cosy, intimate and personalised experience, there are limited spaces available!

You will experience:

  • An intimate and exclusive Half Day Retreat with a small group of positive and like-hearted women in a relaxed, safe and nurturing environment

  • 4 hours of blissful ME time to nurture your soul and bathe in a sacred space filled with healing energy to wash away worries, doubts and dissolve overwhelm

  • The joy of deeply connecting with YOUR inner wisdom/future self to discover the answers you are seeking to help you make positive and confident decisions

  • A beautifully relaxing Guided Meditation which will lovingly and gently take you by the hand to help you heal from within

  • Your vibration being raised to a new level – instilling confidence, happiness and beautiful aha moments

  • Personalised Divine Guidance to help you nurture a happy and healthy relationship with your Soul

  • An afternoon full of insights, love and laughter – oodles of laughter - with beautiful souls who share your vision for an abundant and happy life full of magic

Outcomes You can Expect

  • A clear mind, happy thoughts, feeling calm AND a beautiful connection with your Soul – your inner wisdom

  • Simple and effective techniques you can easily action to help you change you nurture Self love AND create healthy boundaries

  • A precious gift – a beautifully energised and personally programmed healing crystal to fill your life with love, happiness, gratitude and kindness.


As a wife, mum of 3 beautiful souls aged 25, 24 and 23, Author and Mentor, I understand life can get super dooper busy and ‘it appears to be very easy and ok’ to put YOU last on the list when it comes to self care.

A Moment in Time that Changed My Life - Forever…

When I was in my 30’s, I personally experienced my mind, body and spirit (eventually) screaming at me to…STOP!

I knew within my Self that I needed to take time out to nurture my Soul BUT…

I kept pushing through it til…

I experienced a complete melt down!


I was soooo consumed by overwhelm and anxiety that at one point I no longer wished to be on this planet.


What saved me?

Learning how to recognise the signs to STOP and reset, taking time to nurture my Soul…and creating happy and healthy thoughts!

It ignited a passion deep within me to share my story and teach other beautiful women how to connect with their inner wisdom, heal from within and nurture their Souls.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I need to know how to meditate?

No. The meditation will be a relaxing Guided Meditation which is perfect for all levels. All you’ll need to do is close your eyes, relax your breath and listen as I take you on a beautiful journey.

  • Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Absolutely! It’s the perfect experience to share with a friend!

  • I’d love to join you but I experience anxiety and feel a little overwhelmed when I’m meeting new people for the first time. What can I do?

If you are feeling a little anxious, I understand!
I promise you will be warmly welcomed when you arrive to ensure you feel completely at ease.

  • What do I need to bring?

A smile AND an open heart and mind


I truly believe one of the greatest gifts we can share with our Self AND the planet, is to make time to fill our own hearts with love, kindness AND happiness so that it creates a beautiful ripple effect.


It’s ok to put your Self first.

It’s ok to look after your health.

After all – if you don’t, who else is going to?

Leonie xx

Our Mindfulness Retreat with Leonie McNamara was the best time and money I have spent on myself ever.  Leonie's retreats are mind blowing in every way.  All I can say is DO IT!  Find a way to attend, make it happen for yourself.  I can't assume what will happen for you when you attend because everyone is on their own journey.  Whatever your journey is, Leonie will help guide you to achieving it in the most gentle and natural way. Thank you for coming into my life! You are amazing! xo

Nikki McMahon – Bilambil Heights NSW

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