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You may already have a sense that I am a lover of all things relating to the mind including how we think AND how we can achieve optimal health, happiness and wellbeing through nurturing positive thoughts. 


Here I have shared some insights into 2 of the beautiful modalities which I often draw on when working with clients.


If you’d love to know a little bit more about  NLP and Hypnosis please read on…

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) focuses on helping you to think, behave, respond and communicate more clearly with yourself and others.


By recognising patterns in behaviours, habits, language and thoughts, NLP can help you to change the programming (like in a computer) and create healthy new pathways within your mind, which in turn leads to positive outcomes.


NLP is a set of specific techniques that deliberately restructure toward positive functioning of the brain’s thinking and the body’s behaviours by aligning the conscious with the subconscious mind and body.  NLP offers highly refined tools to take charge of every area of your life in the most effective way possible to produce positive results. It enables you to proactively design your physical and emotional responses.

NLP Defined


  • Relates to your neurological system.

  • NLP is based on the idea that we experience the world through our senses and translate sensory information into thought processes, both conscious and subconscious.

  • Thought processes activate the neurological system, which affects your physiology, emotions and behaviour which in turn helps to create new neurological pathways that break through your mental boundary conditions.



  • Refers to the way you use language to make sense of the world, capture and conceptualise experience, and communicate that experience to others.

  • In NLP, linguistics is the study of how the words you speak influence your experience.

  • Using language to guide the mind toward change.



  • Addresses how you code or mentally represent your experiences.

  • Understanding the mind is like a computer with thought patterns as the ‘software’ and discovering which programs are determining current experiences.

  • Using specific tools and techniques to reprogram, upgrade and install new ‘software’ for optimal high performance.

  • Your personal programming consists of your internal processes and strategies (thinking patterns) that you use to make decisions, solve problems, learn, evaluate and get results.

  • NLP helps to recode your experiences and organise your internal programming to support you in achieving the outcomes you desire.


Hypnosis is a technique which comes from ‘hypnos’, the Greek word for sleep.


Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state called ‘trance’ where your mind can help you to focus beautifully on creating a particular outcome.


You are naturally in trance-like states throughout the day, such as when you are deeply immersed in reading a book.


Trance-like states are powerful times to access your own subconscious to make the changes you desire.


This state is perfect to support you in reprogramming your mind to respond in a healthier way to situations.


Hypnosis can help you identify and overcome unhealthy thinking, heal emotional issues, improve performance and eliminate unhealthy habits. 

I hope this little bit of insight has helped to shine a light on the way I am able to draw on each of these modalities to beautifully compliment each other and support you in achieving powerful and positive transformations in your life.

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